Minor Residential Drywall Repair and Texturing

For all of your drywall repair in Denver needs, A Affordable Painting has you covered. Drywall repairs are needed for a variety of reasons, including damage, cracks from settling, insects and/or rodents, and more. As a homeowner, trusting the expert of a drywall expert will ensure the job is done right and match.

Services include:

  • Repair: Whether you need drywall repaired inside or outside, entrusting the project to a drywall expert will cover all angles. Not only will A Affordable Painting handle the cosmetics of the project, but any important structural repairs as well. In addition, we also have stucco repair services, which is the fine plaster commonly found on walls or molding. If any of your repairs need made to textured walls or ceilings, our team will recreate the texture to match what exists. If you are looking to remove any existing textures, our team can smooth the surfaces, saving you time to work through it on your own.
  • Texturing: Are you looking to add design and flair to your walls and/or ceilings? A Affordable Painting has a variety of drywall texturing options, some of which include knockdown texture (flat in nature with subtle, raised bubbles), popcorn texture (small bubble, sprayed texture), and orange peel texture (similar to knockdown, only with raised pebbles)

To make sure all of your drywall repairs are properly taken care of, or to add texturing to your walls, A Affordable Painting has the team, tools, and resources for the job. Call us today at 303-469-4124 to schedule an appointment.

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