When Is The Best Time To Paint Your Restaurant?

You might not think you need a commercial painting company, but you might want to reconsider. While you might serve a killer chicken cacciatore or boast the tastiest burgers in Denver, the overall feel and look of your restaurant are important to customers as well. As such, it is critical that your restaurant looks in tip-top condition to ensure your customers return again and again. In addition to great food and ambiance, the key to a successful restaurant is a clean and colorful structure. That is, your restaurant should look spectacular inside and out, and having your restaurant painted will go a long way in attracting new customers. Therefore, it is a compelling reason to call your commercial painting company for a free estimate.

Reasons To Have Your Restaurant Painted

Just as you stage your home and maximize curb appeal when selling it, the same concept applies to your restaurant. The bottom line is you want to do what you can to enhance curb appeal and draw in customers. Paint colors hold the power to inflict curiosity, thus drawing in new and hungry customers. All you have to do is hire a commercial painting company to work their magic.


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Maybe you are looking for an exterior with an eye-catching color, something glossy and slick that is sure to attract attention. Perhaps you already have brand colors that you use in other marketing strategies, like in your ads or in your menu, and would like to expand that with an exterior paint job. Whatever the color or style, a freshly painted restaurant reflects your commitment to your customers.

Commercial Painting Services

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When Should You Paint Your Restaurant?

Closing your restaurant to have it painted will undoubtedly hurt your bottom line, so you might want to look into alternatives. One excellent option is to have the commercial painting company work during your slow time. Another option is to change up your hours a bit until the work is complete. For example, you can open a little later than usual or close a little earlier to accommodate the painters.

Many restaurants have slower and busier times of the year. For instance, your restaurant might slow down in the winter and pick up in the spring and summer. As such, it would then make perfect sense to have your business painted in the winter. Of course, you can also shut down completely to have your restaurant painted. It makes sense to close down during the slow season, so you don’t lose as much business. And since you will be closing the restaurant to paint, you can also get other things done during that time, like having the carpet in the dining room replaced or having the booths fixed. Better still, utilize that downtime fixing your tables, so they don’t wobble.

Things To Consider When Having Your Restaurant Painted

Granted, it will be a bit of an inconvenience having your restaurant painted, but there is a silver lining. For example, you can use the fact that your restaurant will look amazing to boost business. Also, don’t overlook the marketing opportunity of letting your customers know that they will soon enjoy a whole new look of their favorite restaurant. You can also hold a special event when the work is done, like a grand re-opening, for example.

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If you are seriously considering having your restaurant painted, it is important that you choose the right painting contractor. An experienced painting company will understand the importance of working quickly and efficiently to get the job done. A good painting company will also offer advice to make the process smoother, like recommending a paint that has less odor to reduce the fumes that your customers have to endure during the painting process.

When the time comes that you decide to have your eating establishment painted, you can rely on the knowledge and flexibility you get when choosing Aaffordable Painting, your premier commercial painting company. We take great pride in our quality, customer service, and decades of experience. We stand behind every project we do, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. So contact us today and see what we can do for you.


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