5 Ways Interior Paint Makes Small Rooms Feel More Spacious

Living in a small apartment or home, it can be hard getting the right scale of furniture to size ratio. Room size can limit decorating. But it doesn’t have to make your rooms look small. There are painting tips you can implement to make any room look bigger. In fact, here are five ways interior paint makes small rooms feel more spacious.

1. Pick Solid Finishes for Interior Paint

Choosing a finish is part of the paint job. Might as well go with an option that gives space greater enhancement.

Matte is flat, meaning there’s no shine. In comparison, high gloss is nothing but pure shine. Finishes like satin, eggshell, and semi-gloss stand on the line between matte and high gloss.

Go for finishes with a slight gloss that reflects light. You get an expansive look at your rooms. Use semi-gloss on doors and trims.

Lastly, glossy interior paint is easier to clean and more durable. It’s excellent for high-traffic spaces in the home.

2. Paint the Same Color Throughout the Room

We believe realtors and sellers paint an entire dwelling one color because it’s easy. No. It’s because that one color creates a seamless look, giving the entire space a larger look.

Paint every room in a single color throughout. The implementation encourages a smooth eye flow as you move from room to room.

A good tip is to paint the walls that one color and paint trim, ceilings, and other accessories a shade lighter. The design will still give the ornate details the distinction you want them to have.

3. Consider an Accent Wall

Okay, we’ve already encouraged the one-color attack. But rules are meant to be, you know what.

An accent wall is an optical illusion that pulls the eye to a focal point. For rectangular spaces, a variation on the design can be painting one wall a contrasting color or painting the two shorter walls a darker shade. The difference between the long and short walls gives the room an appearance of length, making the room appear bigger.

4. Dark or Light

On the whole, lighter colors do make rooms appear larger. But, as you know, lighter colors — especially white walls — can offer a feel of featurelessness. They can, well, be boring. It’s why so many prospective homeowners look at a white room and immediately consider redoing the paint job.

Dark colors can work too. Create the intimate and dynamic feel you want. Darker colors also blur wall edges, creating the illusion of a nice, big space.

5. Go With a Smart Undertone

We know it can be hard selecting a single paint. Now, we’re adding to the chore by suggesting you go with the right undertone.

Undertones are colors under color. A blend of pigments that create the final and perfect look you want. Undertones have a broad range. Pink, gray, violet, taupe, and more are all on the table. Pick interior paint colors that align with the undertones of fixed elements in your spaces, such as cabinets or flooring. Explore paint chips and see what colors match your elements.


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