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When it comes to woodworking in your home, small imperfections can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic. That’s why Aaffordable Painting’s wood and deck staining services can provide a complete overhaul that will leave your old fixtures looking like new. Whether it’s a set of cabinets that are showing their age or a piece of furniture that needs some love, their team can handle everything from stripping away scratches and scuffs to refinishing for a flawless finish. With their expertise in thresholds, ceiling beams, trim, organization bins, and more, you’ll be amazed by the transformation in your home. Say goodbye to unsightly imperfections and hello to heirloom quality woodworking.

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Deck Staining

Does your wooden deck look frail, uneven, and in rough shape? Over time, outdoor elements can take a toll on them and even create safety risks. Luckily for you, in most cases refinishing and re-staining them will resolve all of these issues. We handle power washing in Denver services, as well as refinishing your deck to the stain of your choice and transforming your space.

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Fence Staining

When fencing begins to chip or deteriorate, you lose curb appeal and home value, as well as security. It also can split, creating safety risks.

Aaffordable Painting’s services will enhance your fencing with staining that will keep it looking great and serve as a protective barrier for years to come.

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